Book Review Fear

Book Review FearBook Review Fear

By Michael Grant

Link to Official Gone Site

Book Review Fear: Fear is the 5th book of the fantastic Gone Series, which includes Gone, Hunger, Lies, Fear and last of all light.

Fear is the stunning sequel to the book Lies which i have also written a review for, as I will for every book in this Fantastic series.

The Book is based in a small town called Perdido beach. All the adults have mysteriously disappeared and a barrier know as the FAYZ has cut of Perdido beach from the rest of the world.

As a Black stain creeps up the ghostly FAYZ barrier, Fear is in its throne and Perdido Beach is on its knees. Night takes the population of the FAYZ and drags it into the shadows as a power that can destroy worlds greedily takes a body to live amoung us…

This Book is Epic, and part of my Favourite series, which wins it a whopping 10 fire stars!

My Next Review Will be on LIGHT, the next book of the series!


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