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Book Review Hunger

Book Review Hungerhunger

By Michael Grant

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Book Review Hunger: The second book of the Gone series which includes Gone, Lies, Plague, Fear and last of all Light.

Hunger is the stunning sequel to the book Gone which i have also written a review for, as I will for every book in this Fantastic series.

It is based in a small town called Perdido beach. All the adults have mysteriously disappeared and a barrier know as the FAYZ has cut of Perdido beach from the rest of the world.

kids are getting mysterious powers such as laser shooting and super-speed. Food supply is running low and after a battle with talking coyotes and super human enemies the town is left weak and vulnerable to attack. also something looms in the darkness of an old mine shaft not too far from town shaft, something deadly.

Hunger is a nail biting sci-fi that left me on the edge of my seat, it was a tense book and packed to the brim with action and great twists and adventures, I award this book a awesome 9 fire stars. it was a really fun book to read and I never got bored for one second!

Please let me know what you think by replying and letting me know how you found the book if this review tempted you to buy it and read it hope you enjoy and check out my other book reviews and the rest of this great series.

My Next Book Review Will Be The Hunger Games!