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Book Review Lies

Book Review LiesBook Review Lies

by Michael Grant

Link to Official Gone Site

Book Review Lies: The Third book of the stunning `Gone`series which includes Gone, Hunger, Plague, Fear, and last of all Light.

Lies is the third book of the Gone series I am writing a review about, I will write a review for all the series.

In a small town Called Perdido Beach all the adults have vanished and a barrier cuts them off from the rest of the world.

Children are developing supernatural powers and animals are mutating, Coyotes can talk, snakes can fly, worms are savage hunters, but something much more threatening lurks in the dark and a old enemy returns and attacks the towns source of power; the Nuclear Power Plant.

Lies is the awesome sequel to Hunger in my favourite series, gone. It is tense and hard to put down, a example to all sci-fi books and perfect for the `XBox` Generation of kids.

I award this a huge 9.5 fire stars!

My Next review will be on Plague!