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Book Review Plague

Book Review Liesplague

By Michael Grant

Link to Official Gone Site

Book Review Plague: Plague is the 4th book of the fantastic Gone Series, which includes Gone, Hunger, Lies, Fear and last of all light.

Plague is the stunning sequel to the book Lies which i have also written a review for, as I will for every book in this Fantastic series.

The Book is based in a small town called Perdido beach. All the adults have mysteriously disappeared and a barrier know as the FAYZ has cut of Perdido beach from the rest of the world.

After Just winning a desperate Battle Perdido Beach is in a wreck, and disease is spreading, something more than just the flu.

When Bugs the Size of vans, flying snakes, and disease attack Perdido Beach only one option remains, beg for help from an enemy, he is the only one who can help them as Perdido Beach Falls.

This Book is Epic, and part of my Favourite series, which wins it a whopping 9 fire stars!

My Next Review Will be on Mockingjay!